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3)Face paint is not recommended for children under the age of 3 years old (manufacturers guidelines). At the artist’s discretion and with parental consent the artist will offer a child of 2 years a diddy design on the child’s arm/hand which will double up as a patch test.

If the child’s parent/guardian assure the artist that the child has had face paint applied before (without a reaction) then artist will consider painting the child’s face, if the child is happy and willing to be painted, I value children’s feelings and will not paint anyone who does not to want to be painted even if parents/guardians insist.


4)I am dedicated to providing the most hygienic service possible

•I use a clean sponge for each person.

•Rinse brushes after every use

•Change water regularly

•I clean all used sponges in a washing machine on a 60 degree programme using non bio detergent.

•Brushes are washed with hot water and cosmetic brush soap.